What’s A Pagan?

When someone says that “P” word, what flashes into your mind?

  • Maybe a frenzied savage who’s dancing around a stone idol while some hapless wretch is being sacrificed on an altar.
  • Or perhaps a screaming barbarian with hair down to his knees who’s marauding his way through the streets of ancient Rome.
  • Or maybe even a tattooed member of a particular outlaw motorcycle club who’s stormed past you on the highway.


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About the Fairy Faith

The Fairy Faith is behind much of the plot of The Never King and, indeed, its hero – Peter Quince – is an expert on it. But what exactly is it?

As Leslie Shepard has written, it’s an ancient folk-religion that believes in “an elusive ghostly order of life on the borderland of mind and matter” that usually survives “in the natural setting of wild and lonely places, rather than the skeptical bustle of towns and cities.” That borderland is peopled with “pixies, nixies, elves, fauns, brownies, dwarfs, leprechauns, and all of the other forms of the daoine sidhe (fairy people).”


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Suggestions for Further Reading

I’ll begin with just three books and perhaps add more later on. This initial group reflects my preferences for the pioneering “fairy studies” of the 19th and early 20th centuries and also for great classic literature. All of these books are readily available as paperbacks or e-books.


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